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The Boss

He served in the Parachute Regiment for 9 years and after being sent to the world's hotspots including Iraq and Afghanistan he left in 2007. He is now a professional full-time landlord and entrepreneur based in Oldham. The company was formed when Dale had finally had enough of wasting time and money on poor quality flat pack furniture for his own HMOs. Visit him for a brew and he will gladly show you round his portfolio of properties should you be seeking any advice. He decided to use his knowledge of the furniture industry and contacts from his already established sofa manufacturing business to source quality products direct from the manufacturers. He left the design ideas to his wife Lisa.


Creative Director

Lisa is Dales wife and mother to their son Rex. She manages the day to day running of the company, Keeps the team and Dale on track. Lisa has worked in the corporate sales world as an Account Manager for a luxury designer cosmetic brand and brings her corporate knowledge and values to the company. Lisa also helps manage Dales ever growing Property portfolio, Sources Deals and Manages tenants whilst somehow manages to fit in looking after Rex. She’s also the Office brew maker.

We are a tight knit, family run business with a vast knowledge of the property world.

At Landlord Furniture Co we understand Tenants demand a high level of finish and we strive to create this for all our clients.

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